Oral Surgery

Inferior alveolar nerve transposition— an in vitro comparison between piezosurgery and conventional bur use

Marc C. Metzger, K. H. Bormann, R. Schoen, C. Gellrich, R. Schmelzeisen

Influence of surgical ultrasound used in the detachment of flaps, osteotomy and odontosection in lower third molar surgeries. A prospective, randomized, and “split-mouth” clinical study

Leonardo de Freitas Silva, Erik Neiva Ribeiro de Carvalho Reis, João Paulo Bonardi, Valthierre Nunes de Lima, Alessandra Marcondes Aranega, Daniela Ponzoni

Received: 17 September 2019; Accepted: 03 May 2020; Published: 01 Jul 2020

Piezoelectrics Device Versus Conventional Osteotomy Instruments in the Comparizon of Three different Bone Harvesting Methods: As Istomorphometric, Phonometric and Chronometric Evaluation

Nicola Alberto Valente, Lorenzo Cosma, Giuseppina Nocca, Antonio D'Addona, Carlo Lojolo

Received: 23 Jul 2018; Accepted: 28 Sep 2018; Published: 2019

Treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ) with ultrasonic piezoeletric bone surgery. A case series of 20 treated sites

Cornelio Blus, Giulio Giannelli, Serge Szmukler-Moncler, Germano Orru

Received: 28 February 2016; Accepted: 17 November 2016; Published: 06 December 2016

Use of Ultrasonic Bone Surgery (Piezosurgery) to Surgically Treat Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (BRONJ). A Case Series Report with at Least 1 Year of Follow-Up

Cornelio Blus, Giulio Giannelli, Serge Szmukler-Moncler, Germano Orru

Received: 27 February 2013; Accepted: 16 April 2013; Published: 20 April 2013