President presentation

Dear Friends, we’re finally on line!
With real satisfaction I’ve the pleasure to show you the new IPA website “dress”.
Our intention is that this will be the showcase of the scientific society in front of the whole world; for this reason we would like that anyone from everywhere in the globe, either colleagues or not, could wander through the meshes of the Academy and get passionate about it as it happened for us.
We thought therefore to summarize what’s the meaning of the IPA through three words you can find in the home page as redirection keys:

The path inside IPA will open from each of these keys, a route, we wish, will be a sharing trip for everybody inside a group of practitioners, experts,  researchers, innovators but friends first.
Personally, I believe that the present age is getting more and more digital and virtual and, unfortunately, the sad events that have been marking indelibly this 2020 confirmed the web importance in order to connect million of people from everywhere in the world without any physical mobilization.
Welcome on board!

The President IPA Umberto Pratella


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